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"I get to go home and walk the dog and no one really cares in the most glorious way. They’re more intrigued about whether people are picking up the dog muck from the path." — Emilia Clarke, Marie Claire (May 2014)

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After a long-fought battle in Australia, a python bested a crocodile and swallowed the reptile whole over a span of several hours in Queensland, Australia.

The snake reportedly fought the croc for five hours in Lake Moondarra. Winning the fight, the python constricted its prey to death. The estimated 10-foot snake then dragged the 3-foot croc ashore and proceeded to swallow it whole in front of a group of onlookers.

National Geographic identified the snake as an olive python and the croc as a Johnson’s crocodile, both of which are native to Australia. After its hefty meal, the python should be full for at least a month.